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Would you like to help pay off your school tuition by shopping at stores that you normally shop at? Here's how: You buy the gift certificates from the school office or on (formerly known as Scrips) at face value. Each retailer has a percentage attached to their gift card. Half of that percentage of the amount you buy the gift card for goes towards your tuition balance and the other half goes towards our school's Tuition Assistance Program. Not only are you getting your tuition balance paid, but you are helping a family in need! You then spend the gift at the retailer, where it's worth the full face value; you haven't spent an extra dime to help the school, nor have you had to change stores. With over 700 participating retailers, there is a store for everyone! 

Our school's Tuition Assistance Program is a financial aid fund that is designed to help families that are having difficulty paying their tuition balance. Click HERE for an application. For more information call 715.479.8284 and speak with Mrs. Kube today.

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